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Should I see a chiropractor?

March 8, 2024

What is your 1st session like?

What is involved in the treatment?

What are following treatments like?

The first session is a 30-minute consult where our chiropractor James will do a full history and physical examination.

Treatment will then be provided after the examination if fitting within chiropractic scope of care

James uses various techniques in his sessions. He will first start with muscle work to release targeted hypertonic muscles that are assisting in your disfunction.

Then he will use Chiropractic adjustments to joints that are restricted to better bring them to be more functional aiding in your recovery.

After a physical exam to assess progress, the follow-up appointments focus on treatment. These appointments typically last for around 15-20 minutes.

The number of appointments needed varies depending on individual circumstances, and this is discussed during the initial consultation to ensure that the treatment plan meets the patient’s requirements.

James is available at both our Bass Hill & Belmore clinics. You can book with James online 24/7, or call our landline. 


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