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Strength Beyond Limits: The Rewards of 1 Rep Max Testing

March 6, 2024
Strength Beyond Limits

1 Repetition Maximum (1RM) testing, commonly performed on the big 3. The squat, bench and deadlift. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significant benefits in testing your 1RM, various methods for testing and predicting your 1RM, and the cutting-edge technology that is revolutionising A FISIO.

The Benefits of 1 Rep Max Testing

Accurate Measurement of Strength:
At its core, 1RM testing provides a precise measure of your maximum strength for a given exercise. Knowing your 1RM serves as a baseline from which to track progress and tailor your training program for optimal results.

Goal Setting and Progression:
By knowing your 1RM, you can set realistic yet challenging goals to achieve. Whether it’s adding a few kilos to the bar or reaching a significant milestone, 1RM testing allows you to quantify your progress and celebrate your achievements along the way.

Personalised Training Programs:
Understanding your 1RM enables us as your physios to design personalised workout routines tailored to your specific strength levels and goals. This customization ensures that you’re training at the appropriate intensity to maximise gains and minimise the risk of injury.

Motivation and Confidence:
There’s something inherently empowering about pushing yourself to achieve new PB’s, bettering past yourself. Achieving a new 1RM instils a sense of confidence and motivation to continue challenging yourself and reaching for greatness.

Different Methods of Testing/Predicting 1RM

When it comes to determining your 1RM, there are several methods to choose from:

– Tru 1RM Testing: This method involves performing a single repetition with the heaviest weight possible for a given exercise. While true testing provides the most accurate measure of your 1RM, it can also be the most taxing on your body and requires careful preparation and technique, with relatively higher risk of injury.

– Submaximal Testing: Instead of testing your 1RM directly, repetition maximum testing involves determining your maximum weight for a certain number of repetitions, such as 3RM or 5RM. These values can then be used to estimate your 1RM using conversion charts or equations. While less fatiguing than true 1RM testing, submaximal testing may be less accurate, especially for experienced lifters.

Some common formulas used for submaximal testing include:

● Epley Formula: 1RM = (Weight lifted) x (1 + (0.0333 x Reps))
● Brzycki Formula: 1RM = (Weight lifted)/ (1.0278 – (0.0278 x Reps))
● Lombardi Formula: 1RM = Weight lifted x Reps 0.10

Each testing method has its advantages and limitations, and the choice depends on factors such as experience level, training goals, and personal preference.

Technology in 1 Rep Max Testing: The AxIT System

In recent years, technological advancements have transformed the way we approach strength testing and optimization of our training programs. One innovation we use here at A FISIO is the AxIT system. The AxIT system represents the cutting edge of technology in strength assessment.

The AxIT system utilises advanced sensors and algorithms to provide real-time feedback on force production, velocity, and power during strength testing exercises. By measuring key performance metrics with unparalleled accuracy, the AxIT system allows for precise measurement of 1RM without the need for manual calculations or estimations.

With its ability to provide objective data and actionable insights, the AxIT system is revolutionising the way we conduct strength testing and training. By leveraging this technology, individuals can gain deeper insights into their performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimise training protocols for maximum effectiveness.

Final words

In conclusion, 1 Rep Max testing offers a multitude of benefits for all people. From providing an accurate measure of strength to informing personalised training programs, 1RM testing is a valuable tool for achieving your fitness goals and becoming a stronger version of yourself.

By exploring different testing methods, such as submaximal testing with formulas like the Epley, Brzycki and Lombardi and embracing cutting-edge technology like the AxIT system, you can push beyond limits and embark on a journey of continuous growth and improvement. So, head on in to A FISIO, complete your 1RM test, and discover the strength your leaving on the table.

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