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Unlocking Relief: How Hands-On Therapy and Exercise Work Together for a Pain-Free Back

February 16, 2024
How Hands-On Therapy and Exercise Work Together for a Pain-Free Back

Are you tired of dealing with chronic lower back pain? You are not alone. Millions of people all around the world suffer from lower back pain, which disrupts their everyday lives and inhibits them from participating in activities they enjoy. As an exercise physiologist and physiotherapist, I’d like to explain how a combination of manual therapy and tailored exercises might help you receive relief and restore mobility.

Understanding Lower Back Pain :

Before getting into treatments, it’s vital to determine what’s causing the lower back pain. Poor posture, muscular imbalances, injuries, and lifestyle choices can all lead to persistent pain. Manual treatment, such as massage and passive accessory intervertebral movements, can provide immediate relief by releasing tight muscles and improving joint mobility.

The Role of Exercise Physiology :

While manual treatment may provide immediate alleviation, long-term rehabilitation necessitates treating underlying difficulties through targeted exercise. As an exercise physiologist, my goal is to design individualised training plans that address your specific needs. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility, and correcting posture in order to provide long-term comfort and prevent recurrence.

Finding Balance Through Movement :

It is vital to find a balance between passive treatments like manual therapy and active ones like exercise. Using both treatments increases your chances of recovery and general health. By adding movement into your everyday routine and adopting proper body mechanics, you may reclaim control of your lower back health and live pain-free.


Do not let lower back pain prevent you from living your best life. You can achieve the relief you seek by combining the power of targeted manual therapy and a structured exercise program. Take the first step towards a healthier back today by scheduling a consultation with us here at A FISIO to learn how we can work together to achieve your goal.

Do you need help with your back pain? Let one of our experienced team help you today!

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