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December 7, 2022

So, you’ve been told you should see an Exercise physiologist…  here are some questions you may have!

What is an accredited exercise physiologist? 

An accredited exercise physiologist is an allied health professional that primarily works with individuals with chronic conditions. Some of these conditions include type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, lower back pain etc

How do they help?

By providing health education, exercise advice and rehabilitation. Exercise physiologist prescribe evidence informed decision to improve quality of life, enhance physical capabilities and assist in injury rehabilitation. Each individual will be assessed and the intervenes will be tailored for them based off their specific goals and needs.

Exercise is medicine!

When should I see an exercise physiologist? 

If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition or ready to move onto your next stage of rehabilitation and a physiotherapist has discharged you to see an Exercise physiologist. Some of these include

– Cardiovascular disease

– Muscloskeletal disease

– Metabolic (diabetes type 1 or 2)

– Neurological (parkinsons, cerebral palsy)

– Pulmonary disease

– Cancer

– Depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD

You can ask your doctor for a chronic disease management plan which includes exercise physiology services which are bulk billed under medicare

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