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Physiotherapy Clinic with EMS Shockwave Therapy

What we offer


We are so excited to be offering group exercise classes. Our classes will be in maximum groups of 4 participants. We will be holding the following classes

– Better Balance
– Young and Strong
– Womens only strengthening
– Diabetes Class
– GL:AD Knee Osteoarthritis Class
– Elite 1 on 1 training

BETTER BALANCE  is most suitable for those aged 65+. This class focuses on movements that challenge balance, and increase muscle strength. There will be components of cardiovascular, strength, balance and proprioception. This class will include LOW IMPACT activity, and is suitable for those who have ‘brittle bones’ or lower bone density. 

YOUNG AND STRONG will be run for groups that are 6-10, 10-13 and 13-16 years old. This class focuses on improving basic strength and mobility. We will introduce attendees to the basics of strength training. 

WOMENS ONLY STRENGTHENING. The name says it all! This class is run by women, for women. This will cover everything from cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, pelvic floor strengthening and everything in between. Run in our private rehab gym, this is the perfect place to train

DIABETES CLASS. This class is made for those living with diabetes, whether type 1 or 2. Exercise is a huge component of the management of diabetes. Endless amounts of evidence backs this. This class includes essential education, and safe, supervised exercise, including ‘take home’ exercises to continue your independent management. You may be eligible for medicare rebates if you have Diabetes & are interested in this program

GL:AD Knee OA class. Osteoarthritis of the knee can be scary, painful and frustrating. It can effect people of all ages. This is an evidence based protocol for treatment and management of knee osteoarthritis. This program has been proven to reduce pain & the knee for surgery, and help with overall quality of life. We are proud to be registered GL:AD practitioners. You can find more information on this program here

ELITE 1 on 1. Need that extra push? Aiming for a PB (personal best) that you have never been able to get to before? This is for you. 1 hour, 1 on 1, with one of our expertly trained team members. Access to the best equipment & technology, evidence based techniques 

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We are expertly trained in manual therapy. Manual therapy is ‘an advanced specialty area of physical therapy practice that is based on manual examination and treatment techniques’.

All of our team have attended post graduate degrees and certifications to help us excel in our field.

Manual therapy is not just simply a massage. It is a professional intervention with specialised mobilisations, manipulation and soft tissue techniques.


We are proud to use the Swiss Dolorclast Shockwave machine. After trial and error and lots of research, we decided to invest in this machine for the benefit of our patients. The instant relief of symptoms, and medium to long term difference that is makes towards overall healing times is huge. If you feel like you have ‘tried everything’ for your pain and need something different, this is it. Shockwave will be implemented into your session at the discretion of your physio, or at your request (as long as clinically indicated).


Exercise physiologists are highly trained allied health professionals. They focus on using exercise as a modality to rehabilitate individuals from injury. Our exercise physiologists are able to help individuals with pain management, post surgery recovery, weight loss and more. Our Ep’s accept Medicare plans, Work Cover, CTP, NDIS & Private health insurance,


Our massage therapists are trained in sports, deep tissue and remedial techniques. Whether you are looking for a highly trained, regular professional massage, want a touch up before or after a game, or simply just want to relax, they can cater to you.

Studies have found that regular massage can

  • Help reduce stress
  • Lesson Pain
  • Increase relaxation
  • Improve immune function


Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are highly trained in pre employment screening. Pre employment screening can be arranged by individual employees, or employers wanting to assess an individual’s suitability to a role. This is particularly useful for those in labour intensive fields, including construction, warehouse work etc.
Our pre employment screening gathers information on;
  • Medical history
  • Range of motion
  • Strength
  • Pain
We are able to customise our screening tests to individual job requirements. We have a range of tools to replicate a variety of tasks. We are able to perform assessment in our clinic or at your workplace. To arrange a pre employment screening test, contact us here.


badly sprained ankle? Small fracture in your foot? We offer emergency moon boot fittings, including after hours. Our physiotherapists will fit and prescribe the perfect moon boot for you to allow early immobilisation.

To organise, please call 9071 0000